Posted October 07, 2018 12:00:00By now, many people are aware that acne is a major issue that affects millions of people.

The condition affects up to one in four people worldwide, and in the U.S. it’s estimated that over 80 million people suffer from the condition.

In the meantime, it’s become an annual problem for many people, but for some people it can actually be a good thing.

In a new study published in the journal “Athlete’s Health and Exercise Science,” researchers analyzed data from the National Comprehensive Cancer Network database, which shows that people with acne are more likely to have good skin tone than people with mild to moderate acne.

They also reported that people who were acne-free had significantly more acne-prone skin than people who weren’t.

As it turns out, the reason for this may be due to a chemical called clindamyncin, which is used in the treatment of acne.

In other words, the drug is helping to reduce the number of lesions and also helping to prevent new ones from forming.

So if you’re one of the many people who struggle with acne, now is the time to get a dermatologist’s prescription and see if clindaminin is right for you.

This isn’t a magic cure, but it could be a huge relief to those who are struggling.

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