Democrats on the House Oversight Committee have demanded President Donald Trump apologize for an anti-Semite remark made during his speech to the Jewish community.

Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the panel, on Monday called on Trump to publicly condemn the comment.

Trump, who spoke in Philadelphia in a campaign stop for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, made the remark during a speech to a group of Jewish students, who he described as “the best and the brightest” of America.

“I am going to have to apologize to you for this,” Trump said.

“This was an insensitive remark.”

The Republican leader on the Oversight panel, Rep. Jim Jordan, said in a statement that Trump “should publicly condemn this outrageous anti-Semitism” and said he would be seeking an apology from Trump.

Coults, who is the vice chairman of the committee, said the Republican president should “endorse a comprehensive bill” that would address anti-Zionism and provide funding for a new Holocaust memorial in the White House.

“If he can’t do it, we should,” Cummings said.

Trump has been accused of using anti-“Zionist” language in recent months.

Trump told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that “it was an anti-[Zionists] joke,” according to an audio recording.

But he said it was not an anti-“Semitic” remark.

“This was a joke.

He said it and then it became part of a routine joke.

It’s not an endorsement,” Trump told The Associated Press.

Cousins also accused Trump of not standing up for his supporters, who are overwhelmingly white and overwhelmingly male.

“There is no doubt that this is a racist, misogynistic president, but he has no intention of standing up to his supporters,” Cummings told CNN.

“He does not stand up for any of them.

He has no loyalty to anyone.

He’s just a man.

He doesn’t care about anybody.”

Democrats on the committee have asked the White Trump Organization to take responsibility for the remarks.

In a statement, a White Trump spokesman said: “We respect the congressional inquiry and believe that President Trump’s comments were inappropriate, offensive and hurtful.”

The Trump campaign has denied any knowledge of the remarks, and the president himself has not publicly condemned the remarks or called for a boycott of the White National Congress, the annual Jewish convention.