In a recent article on Cosmopolitan, blogger and dermatologist Dr. Karen Hensley shared her best acne-fighting cleansers.

Her cleansing routine, which I’m including below, combines the same ingredients as those that Dr. Hensie used when she started her own acne treatment business in 2012.

It also includes some extra ingredients like a blend of amino acids and vitamin E, which Hensleys recommended to prevent and treat dryness and irritation.

Hensley recommended applying her cleansers daily, using them twice a week, and using a moisturizer and sunscreen, too.

“When I first started the business, I didn’t have a lot of products,” she said.

“I used to just do face wipes, but I think I’ve had better results with the cleansing formula.”

She recommended that people follow her plan and apply the cleansing solution to their faces daily.

Dr. Hinsley also noted that the cleansing spray, which is supposed to contain at least 10% essential oils, has a lot more oil than other acne treatments.

When I asked her if she ever used a moisturizing product to help with the dryness, Hensles skin felt itchy and dry.

If you are already using an acne treatment, Hinsleys recommended taking a serum with the product, as well.

And Dr. Jody Henslee, a dermatologist and co-founder of Hensleys acne care business, also recommends taking a moisturizers and sunscreen.

I would like to see these things in a moisturiser that can help with dryness.

The thing is that the moisturiser itself does not help with acne.

So I would definitely encourage people to use an moisturiser, just like I would recommend that people use a moisturising product, and apply it to their face.

As Dr. John Henslin, the founder of Dr. and Mrs. Hentsle’s Clinic in Chicago, wrote in a blog post, I recommend you follow Dr.

Henslee’s routine, and then try to find products that can do the job.

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