I’ve always had acne scars.

I think the most painful ones are my inner cheeks and my jawline.

But the ones on my chin, neck, and shoulders aren’t so bad.

But some scars on my face are worse.

When I had acne, I didn’t know I had it.

I had scarring all over my body.


I was going through my first period, and my body just started reacting to my hormonal changes.

I didn: My skin was sensitive and flaky.

I’d get pimples and eczema on my skin.

I also had a rash on my cheeks and chin.


I felt the urge to have more babies.

I wanted a baby with an all-natural, non-toxic formula, and I wanted my skin to be smooth and supple.


I couldn’t take my skin off because it was so sensitive.

I went on a steroid regimen, and by the time I was 40, I was wearing the same skin-lightening cream I had when I was 18.


My skin looked terrible, so I stopped taking steroids.

I’m still not able to use steroids.


I took steroids for years, and the acne scars continued to grow.

I started to think, “Is this what it is to have acne?”

G. My hair is so greasy, I don’t know if I could ever look good without it.

It’s so frustrating.


I have acne scars on both sides of my face, on my arms, my thighs, my chest, and on my neck.

I have acne on my stomach, thighs, and arms.

My acne scars are everywhere.

I can’t get them out of my mind.

I keep thinking about them.

What can you do to treat your acne scars?1.

Get the help you need2.

Get rid of the triggers3.

Get a natural facial exfoliator4.

Use a natural face mask5.

Talk to a dermatologistIf you have any questions or concerns about acne, contact a dermatology expert at one of our community-based dermatology centers.