Some people experience acne for the first time.

But some, like me, may be more sensitive to the bacteria and toxins that make up the acne.

So, here are the things you need to know to get a better look at your acne and eliminate it. 1.

You may be able to get an acne peel If you are getting a peel on your chin or in your cheeks, you may be dealing with a pimple.

This is a type of acne that can be removed with the help of an acne cream.

You can find these creams at health food stores, beauty supply stores, and drug stores.

You should also ask your doctor for advice if you have a pimples that are persistent.


There are other ways to treat acne without prescription medication There are a number of other treatments that may help to treat the acne that you may have missed.

These treatments may include the use of an herbal medication, diet, herbal supplements, and acupuncture.

For more information on these treatments, visit our article on prescription acne treatments.


Some acne treatments may have side effects Some acne treatment methods can have side-effects, including those that affect blood pressure, cholesterol, and nerve endings.

For a more in-depth look at acne treatments, read our article about side effects.


Your doctor may not have a prescription for acne treatment Your doctor might not have the knowledge to prescribe acne treatment for you.

To find out if your doctor is an acne specialist, visit the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM).

NCCAM has a list of acne specialists, including dermatologists, allergists, nutritionists, podiatrists, pharmacists, and more.

They also have a list on their website of recommended acne treatment options.

You also can get more information from the NCC AM website, including treatment recommendations.


Acne treatments can have long-term effects Acne treatment can have serious long-lasting effects on your skin, so be sure to talk with your doctor about any side effects you may experience.

Acid therapy is also one of the most common acne treatments that can have a lasting effect.

Some of these effects include: redness or swelling of the skin (fungus)