The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a pill containing vitamin B5, which can help treat mild to moderate acne, according to the U.K.-based drugmaker.

B5 is one of the most abundant forms of vitamin B3, the most prevalent form of the B vitamin, which is found in skin, hair and bones.

The drugmaker, Buprenorphine Therapeutics, said on Tuesday it had received approval to market the drug in the U .


The company expects to receive final approval in the next couple of months.

It also said it has plans to sell the drug to a number of other countries.

The company said the drug would help treat acne, but did not provide any details about dosage or the number of doses it would be available in.

The pill, named B5Ascorbic Acid, is made by a pharmaceutical company, BUprenorphin Therapeuticals.

It is currently available only in the United States and will be marketed as a generics product.

It costs $10,000 a month for the pill and is available at pharmacies.

The drugmaker said it had a trial in Brazil last year in which about 25 percent of the patients showed a significant reduction in acne-related problems.

It also has trials in Spain and Israel.

The Buprene drugmaker is developing a generic version that is designed to be administered via a pill rather than a shot.

It expects to begin selling the drug next year.