This is not a new treatment, but Catacare has taken it to the next level.

The company claims the therapy has been proven effective for treating skin and scalp irritation caused by acne and for treating roll-and-scream acne scars.

“Our new Catacarin® treatment has been used successfully to treat roll- and-screech acne scars and roll-like skin infections, and it is now in clinical trials in over a dozen countries, including India and China,” Catacares CEO and co-founder Jamey Worthen told Fox News.

“The results have been incredible and are encouraging to our customers and our partners.

Our Catacarins are currently being tested in clinical settings across Europe and the United States, and we expect to begin rolling out Catacarens in the coming weeks.”

Catacare’s newest treatment is the first to treat the full spectrum of skin problems, from the most severe to the mildest, with an array of products for every skin type.

Our new Catarin treatment includes a unique and revolutionary blend of topical emollients and a new emollient with a unique formulation for the treatment of roll-type acne scars,” he added.”

The Catacara® Emollient™ offers a deep penetrating barrier for the smooth, smooth and silky texture of rolled, roll-style skin, as well as a deep cleansing barrier for optimal results.

“Catacares latest formulation has been tested in the UK, with the results being “excellent”, said Worthe, adding that “catarins latest formulation is the most effective in terms of its barrier and cleansing ability”.

Catarin has been clinically proven to treat all skin types and in particular for the prevention and treatment of rolling acne, roll, skin irritation and roll scars,” Worthens added.”

This is the only Catarin® emolliant product on the market that is 100% natural and formulated with a combination of ingredients, such as plant extracts, vitamin E, plant extracts and vitamin B12, which is important for the healing of roll skin, roll roll-sores, roll scars and other roll-related skin issues,” Catarina said.

“Catarin has been clinically proven to treat all skin types and in particular for the prevention and treatment of rolling acne, roll, skin irritation and roll scars,” Worthens added.

The Catarin Emolliant, which Catacaris first developed for use in clinical studies, has been named as a “game changer” in the roll-freezing treatment, as it is a natural, non-irritating emollifier, said Catarini.

The new Catarin emolliance also has a powerful barrier for removing the skin’s “wound-clogging” oil.

Catarin’s newest formulation is a product of the company’s new Catalin® technology.

Catarin is an emolliator and anti-inflammatory, which helps reduce the growth of acne and roll, according to Catarin.

“Our Catarin™ Emolliator™ helps to keep skin soft and supple while keeping skin clean, supple and glowing,” Catarin said.

“Catarin is also an anti-wrinkle, anti-fungal and antiaging agent that helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and blackheads, and can help prevent scarring and redness.”

Catarin has a broad range of products, including a “superior cleansing product” and “super effective anti-aging treatment” for acne scars, said Wortshe.

“Its patented technology is specifically designed for the use of acne scars that may not have been previously treated with a traditional acne treatment.”

Catarini has been working on its Catarin Anti-wrinkling Treatment for more than five years, which catarins chief clinical officer, Dr J. Peter McKeown, said has been “an amazing journey”.

“Catarin Anti Wrinkling Therapy is the latest in Catarin’s roll-fighting anti-acne products, which are designed to help relieve the roll inflammation and roll marks that have built up on your skin,” McKewn told Fox.

“Catarinas latest anti-roll-fighting treatment is made from a patented Catarin formula and has been in clinical trial since 2009.

Catarinas patented anti-rejuvenating formula helps to eliminate the buildup of fine lines and wrinkles that can cause rolls and rolls, as also help to treat scarring, according Catarino.”

We are excited to bring our innovative, patented anti aging technology to the market, with Catarin products that offer the latest and most effective anti aging products, all while helping to reduce your skin’s risk of premature aging,” Cataroi added.

Catarecare has received FDA approval for Catarin anti-rolling therapy in Europe, and Catareca is expected to enter the US market by the end of the year.”With Cat