Here’s how to choose the right sunscreen for your beach activities.1.

Choose a UV-blocker sunscreenThat’s right.

You can still get sunburn if you don’t use a sunscreen.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing.

You could use a UV blocker to prevent sunburn from happening in the first place.

But most sunscreens don’t block UV radiation and are not effective at blocking the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

If you have sensitive skin, a sunscreen can help reduce your exposure to harmful UV rays.

You should also check your sunscreen’s ingredients and warnings.2.

Apply sunscreen with sunscreen creamWhen you apply sunscreen cream, it may not be enough to keep the sunscreen on your skin for a full day.

You need to reapply every 10 minutes or so.

So make sure your sunscreen cream contains at least 25 percent sunscreen by weight, and that it is a water-resistant sunscreen.3.

Wear sunscreen under clothingThat is another important factor when it comes to wearing sunscreen.

The sun is a very active and dangerous UV-B light source.

Wear sun-safe clothing that doesn’t contain a lot of UV-blocking ingredients, such as cotton, polyester, nylon, and rayon.4.

Get plenty of sun in your areaThis is a biggie.

Sunburn can occur anywhere, but it’s particularly common in areas with a lot pollution.

Your sun protection could also help prevent sun damage to your skin.

You don’t want to wear sunscreen on hot days because you could risk burning your skin and/or your eyes.