By now you’ve probably heard of the “penis emoji,” but if you’re like me, you’re still trying to figure out what it means.

(I am.)

I’ve always had a weird obsession with the emoji, and I’m always in search of ways to add them to my daily life.

Now, thanks to a friend who’s a pornographer and a recent graduate, I’ve got the answer.

(She is a porn artist, too.)

So let’s dig in.

[Related: 5 Things to Know Before Porn’s Most Memorable Moments]Let’s start with the basics: It’s a pen that you hold in your hand.

What does it mean?

Well, you can read about it here, but basically it’s a penis-shaped object that’s supposed to mean something, so what do you do with it?

Well… read more Here’s how it works.

The penis emoji is just a simple way to say “I love you” on your phone, and it’s one of the many ways people use emoji.

It’s often used in advertisements and promotional material, and people also use them as a hashtag on Twitter.

But it’s also a way to convey a feeling, especially in the context of an emoji.

(You can also read an entire guide on how to use emoji, including what to say and when.)

Here are some of the more common meanings: “I’m in love”It’s the first part of a sentence that starts with the word “I” and ends with “I.”

For example, “I’ve been thinking about you.”

“I love” is a variation on “I feel.”

It means that you’re very happy or excited about something.

It can be used to say that you’ve been reading a good book, or you’re enjoying some video games.

“I want” can also be used, like, “Hey, I’m really looking forward to getting out of this cold weather.”

“I think” can be interpreted as “I like.”

“You’re my favorite” can mean that you like something or that you feel like you’ve known someone for a long time.

“You” and “you” can make a lot of sense if you are a child, and “your” and the word can mean “I”.

You can also say, “You look great.”

“Your” and then “you are” are very similar to “my” and they’re similar to how “my dad” and I do.

You can use “you/your” to refer to yourself or someone else.

“It’s me” is another common one that can be a bit of a stretch.

(It’s also “I don’t know.”)

You can say “it’s a big deal” to mean that something is very important.

“What” can translate to “what is?”

“I know.”

“That’s cool” can just mean you’re really excited about it.

And of course, there are tons of other variations.

If you don’t understand what a penis emoji means, just look it up.

The good news is, the meanings are so diverse and the way they’re written makes it easy to tell them apart.

So, whether you’re using them in ads, social media or on Twitter, you’ll probably find them in your phone as soon as you open it.

Read more at Entertainment WeeklyThe Penis Emoji That I LoveWhat do you mean by “I”?

What’s the significance of “I?”

Let’s talk about the first word.


That’s what you say when you want to say, for example, you want your mom to go to the doctor for an exam.

Or you want her to take care of you for the next day.

Or that you just want to make sure you get the “I’s.”

You don’t really have to say it out loud.

In fact, the last time I did it, I couldn’t say it at all.

The first word I wanted to say was “I am.”

Now, you know what I mean?

You want your boyfriend to take your virginity?

You’d say, okay, we should get to that.

Or, you think your partner has an STD?



Then say “Oh my gosh, I need you to go in the bathroom right now.”

I love you.

You’re amazing.

It means you’re excited and you’re in love.

But don’t go overboard.

You need to use “I,” not “I really love you.”

And you also don’t want to use it too often.

If something is important to you and you don`t want to get caught up in it, say, what`s the worst thing that could happen?

You can always say, no worries, I’ll be there for you.

And if you really love someone, say it with the second part of the word.

So when you say, I love, I mean you