In 2013, a group of Nizorans filed a lawsuit against Nizors Pharmacology Company (NPC), a company that makes Nizorrabem for skin irritation.

According to the lawsuit, Nizoras products were prescribed by dermatologists and that the products made people feel more comfortable and helped them get through their acne treatments.

But, the lawsuit alleged, the FDA did not approve the ingredients in Nizora’s acne pills because they contained ingredients that the FDA deemed to be not “generally recognized as safe.”

The FDA approved the ingredients for the Nizoran products but later ruled that they did not meet their criteria for safety.

Now, according to the Los Angeles Times, NISO’s president and chief executive officer, Andrew Nisbet, has resigned, citing the FDA’s decision to reject the NISORabs.

“The FDA’s failure to require NizORabs to meet FDA’s standards for safety has caused serious and long-term damage to Nizorian patients and their families, as well as to the company’s brand and reputation,” the company said in a statement.

The lawsuit was filed in March 2016.

NISOB’s website says that Nizoroabem is made from purified, ground-up yeast extract.

The FDA says that it is used in over 40 different ways, including for dermatological conditions, to treat acne, dry skin, rashes, and eczema.

Nizocetin, a derivative of yeast, is used to treat other skin conditions as well, the Times says.

Nistob, the company that manufactures Nisoroabeb, said in its statement that it “categorically denies any allegations of wrongdoing” and that it had not received any “substantial amounts of material support from NISOC.”