When I was in college I was told by my friends that I was a “perfectionist.”

They said I had perfect teeth, perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect complexion, perfect eyes, perfect teeth and perfect mouth.

This was not just any old compliment.

They said, “You’re a perfectionist.

You’re a real woman!”

I was so confused.

When I came home and told them, I was stunned.

They had never thought of me as a perfection person, so why did they think I was one?

After a couple of weeks of intense therapy and meditation, I started to realize that it was my “Perfectionist” nature.

I was constantly judging myself for the things I wasn’t good at.

I kept seeing myself as perfect and perfect-looking.

It was a complete transformation.

I felt like I was on a mission to improve my own life and I had no idea how.

What I did learn from my therapists and the amazing work they did for me, was that I can achieve this change without any external help.

I’ve learned a lot.

My first attempt at a successful acne cycle was a disaster.

I got really dehydrated and had to stop working out.

I had a horrible time trying to find a product that would help me get my acne under control.

I also struggled with my diet.

It’s difficult to eat healthy and I couldn’t find anything that was healthy.

So I started looking at my skin and noticed that it looked very different.

My acne was very, very different and it was hard to tell if I had acne or just a dry skin.

I didn’t want to stop trying, so I took a look at my prescription and found that my doctor prescribed a lot of different products that weren’t helping me.

I tried a lot and didn’t find a cure, but I knew that if I continued to try, I would probably find a way.

I decided to look for a miracle cure.

I read up on skin cancer and decided that I needed to find the solution to my problem.

My doctor prescribed me some topical acne cream and I began to take it daily.

Within a week I was able to have my acne on the chin, upper lip and under my eyes completely under control and my skin looked amazing.

I even noticed a decrease in my redness and my dryness around my nose.

It wasn’t long before I had my first successful acne-free cycle.

I started using a lot less product, I stopped working out, and I got rid of all the other things that were causing my acne.

I stopped worrying about the “perfect” person who I thought I was.

I realized that I am what I do.

I am the person I am because I work hard to make myself better.

I’m not perfect, but my skin is beautiful.

How to Get Your Acne Under Control for a Better Life With Acne Treatment, a Free Guide for the Optimal Acne-Free Life