The National Health Service (NHS) said that it would continue to prescribe a cream of anti-acne drugs to patients.

However, it also said that patients would have to take the cortisone pills once a week.

The NHS said that there was no need to get rid of acne altogether.

“It is a chronic condition that can be treated with regular prescription drugs,” it said.

Dr Roberta Pomerantz, a dermatologist at the University of New South Wales, said that many patients had been prescribed anti-Acne drugs for years.

She said that a large number of women were on a waiting list for the cream of cortisones.

“People are getting on that list, but they’re not getting it because they’re just not getting the results they need,” she said.

In an earlier ABC News report, the National Health Department said that the cream would cost $25, but said that people would still be able to pay $25 for the drug.

Ms Pomeranz said that she had seen the drug’s effectiveness improve over the years, but it still had not made a difference to patients’ acne.

“Some people may have a mild case where it does help, but for some people it doesn’t,” she told the ABC.

Dr Pomerant said that cortisoids were not proven to be effective in treating all types of acne, and that patients should still be careful.

“There’s no magic pill that works for everyone.

It’s just a common sense approach,” she explained.

“We’re talking about a patient population that needs a lot of support, and if we can help reduce their flare-ups with a topical cortisoid, then we can make a difference.”

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has warned that the patch might be “dangerous” to patients, and advised patients to consult a doctor if they had a rash.

The patch is a “safe and effective tool” for treatment of skin conditions, it said in a statement.

However there is currently no evidence to suggest that it is effective in reducing the severity of acne.

The NICE said that all patients with acne should be treated on a “case-by-case basis”.

However, there is a high risk that the patches could lead to serious side effects, which could include: heart palpitations