A teenage girl with cystic hairline scars has had her life saved thanks to the miracle of surgery.

A girl who was suffering from cystic skin and cystic blemishes in her hair has had the scar removed, thanks to a breakthrough surgery that has saved her life.

The girl was 15 years old when she went under the knife in November 2016 at the University Hospital of Girona in northern Spain.

Doctors at the hospital said she was suffering a rare form of cystic disease and were looking for a way to remove the hairline scarring that had become so bad.

The scarring was so severe that the girl had to have a mastectomy to stop it growing and her mother said it had taken years for the scar to fully disappear.

It took three surgeries to remove it, which involved cutting her scalp and pulling out her hairline.

The treatment involved cutting out a section of her scalp from her scalp, removing the scarring and then re-scaping the scar in a more natural way.

“When we had that surgery, the scar started to grow back,” Dr. Maria G. González told the local newspaper El País.

“The scar is still there, but it’s now in a natural way, like a flower, and it has started to heal.”

The girl’s mother, Maria G., who was diagnosed with cystitis cysticosa, had a mastectomies to remove her daughter’s hairline and cystoceles, the fibrous tissue that forms in cystic cystic fibrosis.

González said the scar has not left her daughter since.

“She looks better than before.

I don’t have any other scars, I am happy,” she said.

The operation is believed to be the first time that a cystic scar has been removed using a similar technique in the world.

In the United States, cystic scars have become increasingly common in people with cysts, especially as cystic-like conditions become more common.

But a number of studies have shown that cutting a cyst in this way can help the skin to heal and restore normal function.

The case is just one example of a number that have been reported in recent years, including a girl with hairline cystic marks who had her scalp removed by a surgeon who had been in remission for five years.

A man who had cystic, painful skin conditions in his hands was also able to have the scar on his left hand removed in 2012.

“This case is an example of how to help people who are suffering from a disease and a scar to heal.

It is not a miracle.

The procedure was successful,” said Dr. Josep F. Escalante, the chief medical officer at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, who performed the surgery.