RTE 1  (RTE 1)1A(Rte 1)2A(rTMS).1 RTE has a global network of specialist clinics and hospitals which offer specialist medical and psychiatric treatment for acne vulgaris.

The site also provides a range of topical and oral preparations for the skin.1  The company says the product can be used on everywhere from dry, itchy skin, pimples and eczema, to dry, acne prone skin and acne scars. 

“It can be applied over the entire surface of the face to remove any dry patches on the face, including around the eyes, nose, lips and cheeks,” a spokesperson said.

“It is a topical treatment for dry skin.

This is the only topical medication for acne.” 

The brand is not selling any retinoids for its product, although it has previously stated that it does sell retinoid products. 

 On its website, the company says it is committed to a zero-tolerance policy for any drug misuse. 

It also offers its retinols at a price of around $25 for a 200ml bottle.

A spokesperson from the company said the company would “continue to develop its product line in partnership with dermatologists and dermatologists who are also experts in acne treatment”. 

“The products are available in several forms, including capsules, tablets, tablets with ointments and oral products.

These are available to both men and women who need them.” 

RTV also sells the treatment at other dermatology clinics around the world, with its product being available in over 20 countries and in many other countries as well. 

The spokesperson said it was the most widely used retinol product in the world.1  “RTE is a registered trademark of RTE Laboratories, Pty Ltd.

in the United Kingdom.

This product is the brand name of RTV Labs, Pte Ltd.”