If you’re a fan of Moisture Relief Creams or other moisturizers for acne, you may be wondering how to apply them.

These little packets of tiny packets of powder can be really helpful if you need to quickly hydrate your skin for just a few minutes or if you have a dry, sensitive or acne-prone area.

But there are a few things to remember when using these little packets.

First, they’re NOT as easy to use as they sound.

If you use a lot of them, you can easily slip them on your face, or even onto your skin.

Second, they can leave residue on your skin that can irritate the skin.

This can cause irritation, and it can even irritate your eyes and eyesight.

In addition, the packets tend to have a tendency to stick to the skin and make it feel dry.

So if you’re looking to use these products for an easy and quick way to hydrate, it’s important to understand how they work.

Here’s how to use the Moistures for Acid Relief packet for acne.