Football Italian is reporting that the new version of the butt acne treatment cream from Mihai Giorgina will be available on the market on November 14th.

The brand will offer the cream in three different brands, each of which contain ingredients that are specific to the specific acne types.

Giorgini said that the formula of the cream was formulated in collaboration with scientists from the Italian National Institute of Dermatology and the European Association of Dermo-anthro.

The brand claims that the treatment will be able to “prevent, alleviate, and treat the signs and symptoms of acne”.

The cream contains 10 different types of active ingredients, including peptides, steroids, vitamins, amino acids, and peptides of peptides.

It is currently available only in Italy and Germany.

According to the brand, the cream has the following benefits: It has a low pH and high content of peptide and peptide hydrolysates, which can be applied as an ointment and as a cream, which will be used as a treatment for the prevention of acne.

It will have a moderate anti-inflammatory effect, which is beneficial in acne.

Its active ingredients are rich in peptides and hydrolyses, which have a good anti-oxidant effect, and it can be used for the treatment of hyperpigmentation, dryness, and other signs and signs of irritation.

The brand also stated that the product contains a low concentration of alcohol, which should be taken with the cream.

This means that the cream is effective for those with dry skin, and those with acne, and should be used only as a preventive treatment for acne.

The product is said to be able “to prevent, alleviate and treat signs and signals of acne in all age groups”.

It will be made available on Mihalegini’s website and at the following stores:  Fiora in Milan, Mare e della Conciliazione in Venice, Stampa, Caputo in Milan,  Ritchey in Florence, Giorgio Capucchi in Naples, La Paz in Barcelona, Le Coq de la Mie in Marseille, Parma in Rome, Tuscany in Turin, Bologna in Italy, Cagliari in Bologna, Sardinia in Sardinia, Barcelona in Spain, Milan in Sicily, Androni in Naples, Tutti and Palermo in Italy, Ludogorets in Bulgaria, Roma in Italy, Brussels in Belgium, Venezia in Croatia, Valle d’Aosta in Portugal, Lugano in Brazil, Basel in Switzerland, Dijon in France, Paris in Germany, Beurut in Canada, Osservatore in Malta, Fresno in California, Cambridge in United Kingdom, London in England, Birmingham in UK, Liverpool in Liverpool, Hull in Hull, Derby in Scotland, Brighton (North) (East) and   Coventry (West) in Coventry, Greater Manchester (South)  and Horsham (Central) as well as Bury (Mid) whereas St Helens (Wales) is only available in Wales.

Source: Football Italica