The cosmetic industry is now under scrutiny after two women in the US state of Mississippi sued a local barber who allegedly gave them a ‘fake’ facial scrub with a fake product to help them face wash.

The lawsuit claims the barber, who is also named in the lawsuit, used the product without their permission and told the women they were not required to buy a new product.

The barber’s attorney told the BBC: ‘We believe that there’s no scientific basis for this.’

Dr Zareen Fakhri is a facial dermatologist in Washington DC who has previously been accused of giving fake acne products to patients in the United States.

He says he has not seen evidence that the fake products have any benefit, and believes there are many more products to be found on the market.

He added: ‘I’m a little concerned that if people are given this product, that they are then going to buy that.

‘It seems like a big issue.

If you’re buying an eyebrow brush, it may look good on the face, but it doesn’t really change the way you look.’

The two women allege that Dr Fakhris allegedly gave their facial cleanser with the ‘fake scrub’ a ‘smell of burnt plastic’.

A US state health official told the AP news agency that the barbershop in question would be investigated for a potential violation of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

The agency is reviewing the complaint.

‘This is a very serious matter and we have to make sure that this doesn’t happen again,’ Dr Faghri said.

‘There’s a lot of products out there that are actually made by other companies that have no scientific or scientific evidence that they can be useful for acne.’

‘We need to be sure that there are safe products that are out there and I don’t think there is.’

The barbers shop, known as the “Beauty Basket”, has been in business for more than 50 years in the small town of New Ulm, in central Mississippi.

But it’s the case of one of its employees that has become the focus of a public health investigation.

The attorney general of Mississippi, who represents parts of the state’s capital city of Jackson, has launched an investigation into Dr Fakri’s business practices.

‘Dr Fakhs’ business practices and the use of false products are not in line with the standards and standards of medical care for people with acne,’ Dr John Thomas said in a statement.

‘We are looking into this matter as we investigate all the issues that may have arisen with the business.’