The face wash can be used to stop your acne from growing and even help it to disappear, according to dermatologists.

The product has been around for decades, but now dermatologists are using it to treat acne scars and acne scarring.

“The skin can be damaged, and it can become infected and scarring can develop,” said Dr Daniela Pouca, an assistant professor of dermatology at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

“But we can also use it to control the inflammation and the infection.”

Acne scarring is often a result of a hormonal imbalance, so it’s the imbalance that leads to inflammation and acne.

“The acne face washing product, known as acne gel, uses ingredients that have been shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Acne scars can result from hormonal imbalance.

But the gel has a proven anti-aging effect.”

It’s actually a skin whitener and it’s a skin moisturiser, which is known as an anti inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-fungal agent,” Dr Pouka told ABC News.”

So it works by fighting off the bacteria and other invaders in the skin and also the microorganisms that are inside the skin.

“She said the gel is effective against both acne scars as well as acne scar tissue, and that it can be applied directly to the skin to help stop inflammation and scar tissue formation.”

There’s a lot of research and evidence that shows it can also help to prevent the appearance of scarring,” Dr Priscilla Pouko, who is also a dermatologist, told ABC.”

We are very interested in using this to prevent acne scarbing and to treat scars.

“Acne-specific peptide treatments, which involve using peptides that target acne-related inflammatory processes, have also been developed.

However, there are concerns about using the gel to treat a deeper type of acne, called lichen planus.”

This is an inflammatory acne that is not caused by the hormones,” Dr Blyth, from the University, said.”

In the lichen process, the immune system attacks the cells, and the cells are very damaged, so there is inflammation, and they are damaged.

“And the lichens themselves are very resistant to antibiotics, and so these peptides can actually actually stop the immune response to the bacteria.”

“They have been used in the past to treat infections in the nose, in the throat, and even in the ear.”

Dr Priscillas study found that lichen preparation in particular has a significant effect on the development of lichen cysts, a potentially serious complication of lichens.

“They can also be more resistant to other antibiotics and to anti-infective drugs,” she said.

Dr Pouba said she believed the face wash could also be used for other types of acne as well.

“If you are using the face wipe and the acne cream, it might be a good idea to apply the cream first and then use the face wipes to help clean the skin,” she added.

“I think it’s probably also a good thing to have the face cleanser on the skin for a couple of minutes and then apply the face cream afterwards, and you’ll get rid of the inflammation.”

Dr Poulo, who has treated acne scars for 15 years, said the product would also help prevent scarring, even when the acne is caused by hormonal imbalance and not caused in any other way.

“What I like about the gel and the cream is it’s very easy to use, so you can apply it on the face and just do it as you would normally, and then you’re done,” she told ABC’s Good Morning Australia.

“You don’t have to do a lot.

It’s just a quick scrub with the gel.”