5 Reasons Why You Need To Get Your Skin Tightened

5 reasons why skin tightens for acne prone skins.1.Your skin needs to be covered and moisturized regularly.2.Skin needs to get some fresh air every couple of hours.3.Your body needs to keep your skin moisturized.4.Your face needs to look healthy and radiant.5.Your makeup needs to stay in place and on the lid.1st, Your skin gets a […]

How to prevent and treat hormonal acne

The symptoms of hormonal acne are common.But if you have it, it can be incredibly hard to get rid of.Here’s what you need to know to treat and prevent it.If you think you have hormonal acne , talk to your GP and find out if you should have an appointment to discuss your treatment options.There […]

Top acne triggers, retinoids and skin health

Top acne trigger: benzoyl peroxide.Benzoylperoxide, commonly known as Benz-40, is one of the most powerful acne triggers known to man, and it can be found in nearly every brand of acne cream.It can be purchased at drugstores and specialty pharmacies, and its effects can range from mild to severe.It is also often found in skin […]

How to Avoid Acne from Neonatal Skin Treatment

What are the symptoms of neonatal acne?What is neonatal skin treatment?What are some of the possible side effects?What can you do to reduce the chances of developing neonatal inflammatory acne? These questions are answered in this article by dermatologist and Neonatal Skin Solutions founder Ruthie Fuchs. “Neonatex is the term that has been used to describe this condition, although it […]

How to Get Your Acne Treatment in the Dark (Part 1)

How do you treat acne?I know I’ve done it with my skin, but how do you get your acne treatment in the dark?That’s where this new podcast comes in.Join our new podcast and get a peek into how to get your treatment in a dark location.Join us on The Best of Bad Skin, Bad Face […]

When acne can trigger allergies

The condition can trigger allergic reactions to a range of ingredients in cosmetics, which can lead to skin problems such as dry, cracked and peeling skin.Anecdotally, many women have reported symptoms of acne, including skin sensitivity, redness, itching and sensitivity to the eyes and nose.But the condition can also be caused by a number of […]

How to spot acne scars: Acne scars face, body wash

A lot of acne scars are due to a combination of genetics and environmental factors, but the main reason is that the body washes it’s skin with an acid.If you’re not careful, this can leave you with marks on your skin that are difficult to see.Here are five things to look for when you see […]

How to treat nose acne without having to go to the doctor

A recent article published on Google News titled “How to treat nasal acne without going to the dentist” seems to have stirred up some controversy.A search on “Nose acne treatment without going out of your way to go see a doctor” brings up about 2,000 results.There are plenty of posts, and the sentiment seems to […]

When Facial Therapy Might Be Good For You

What do facial masks, facial creams and so on have in common?They all claim to have an anti-aging effect.The main reason for the claim is that some people with acne have a genetic disorder called atopic dermatitis, in which the immune system mistakenly attacks the skin cells in the face, causing them to turn red.That […]

Which acne spots do we need to see?

A new study finds acne spots on the face and scalp are more common among older people, suggesting they are associated with increased risk of early death.The study, published today in the journal JAMA Dermatology, found the number of spots increased by 9.5% for women and 11.5%, for men, for every 1% increase in age. The […]