How to stop acne with acne face wash

The face wash can be used to stop your acne from growing and even help it to disappear, according to dermatologists.The product has been around for decades, but now dermatologists are using it to treat acne scars and acne scarring.“The skin can be damaged, and it can become infected and scarring can develop,” said Dr […]

5 ways to look great without buying a face mask

With the proliferation of face masks on the market, there are now many options for people looking to treat acne without buying one.Whether you’re looking for a simple to use product that won’t aggravate your skin, or one that can be used for all types of skin problems, these 5 acne products can be a […]

Why is acne face washing so controversial?

The cosmetic industry is now under scrutiny after two women in the US state of Mississippi sued a local barber who allegedly gave them a ‘fake’ facial scrub with a fake product to help them face wash.The lawsuit claims the barber, who is also named in the lawsuit, used the product without their permission and […]

How to use nizoral acne face care

Nizoral has launched a face care range that uses a combination of the brand’s patented ingredients, including a non-greasy, moisturising oil, which also contains a peptide to help reduce inflammation. The products, which are priced at $49.99 each, were launched in Australia last week.“We’ve been working with nizorons skin care to deliver the best, most effective […]


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