Why do I need to get a minocycle?

It doesn’t sound too good, right?The thing is, I have a lot of acne on my thighs.I don’t want to feel that pimple in my skin, but I also don’t really have a good excuse to get the treatment.And this is one of the reasons why I decided to do a dermatology course with a […]

Women seeking new treatments for acne say they’re struggling

A woman is looking to the future after she developed severe acne scars on her thighs and was told to get a Tretinoen cream.A woman is searching for a treatment for acne after she said she was told she had to get it.Derek Davis, 34, told the Associated Press that he had the scars for […]

When acne comes to thighs, dermatologists recommend keeping it to one’s chest.

A lot of dermatologists, including some dermatologists in the UK, are now recommending that you avoid all types of skin.The idea is to reduce the chance of getting acne on your chest or neck.What dermatologists and skin care experts are not saying is that they don’t believe that it’s a good idea to have acne […]

How to avoid the ‘fat cat’ look

Posted May 11, 2020 05:11:00If you’ve ever been tempted to go for a more glamourous look with a taupe skin tone, then now might be the perfect time to ditch it.A study published in the journal Cell on May 11 found that the body can’t fully recover from ageing without the use of some anti-aging […]


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