The Best and Worst Things You Can Do To Avoid Acne For Life

AHA / AAHA: This is a new, highly regarded article of its kind.Learn how to treat acne with it.You’ll want to read the full article before continuing.This is an updated version of a post originally published in January 2018.

Why do I need to get a minocycle?

It doesn’t sound too good, right?The thing is, I have a lot of acne on my thighs.I don’t want to feel that pimple in my skin, but I also don’t really have a good excuse to get the treatment.And this is one of the reasons why I decided to do a dermatology course with a […]

The Benefits of Minocyclines for Acne

The use of minocycle are a growing trend in the cosmetics industry.According to a recent survey, there are currently over 3,000 active ingredients that are approved for topical use on cosmetics.Minocycle has been shown to be able to effectively treat acne.This is due to its ability to effectively bind to the oil producing cells in […]

How to get rid of bad acne face: a comprehensive guide

You have probably heard that it’s easier to treat acne with antibiotics than to treat it with topical treatments.And while this is true, there are many topical treatments that can actually make the problem worse.But a recent study suggests there may be a different way to treat the condition.A study published in the Journal of […]

‘Proactiv’ acne treatment boosts metabolism and reduces inflammation by boosting metabolism and reducing inflammation

Acne has been linked to a number of conditions including depression, anxiety, heart disease and diabetes, and is one of the leading causes of death in the United States.But a new study has found that using Proactiv acne treatment reduces inflammation and acne severity in people with type 1 diabetes and may even reduce the […]


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