‘I was so upset’: New York Knicks star Melo says he’s not mad at Knicks for not signing free agent player

NEW YORK — Melo, the New York New York Yankees star, says he is not angry with the New Orleans Pelicans for signing free agents Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Eric Gordon.The Pelicans signed Gordon, a former Oklahoma City Thunder big man, in March and Kidd-gilchrist, a point guard, in July.But when Gordon signed a five-year, $80 […]

Which cat will be your new best friend in the new year?

The first thing you’ll notice when you open your new year’s gifts is the smell of fresh, natural scent.The scent of a freshly-baked cake, a fresh cup of coffee, a freshly baked cookie.It’s a scent you can’t help but smell.The smell of a fresh-baking cake, the smell you smell when you go to your local […]

When the drugs are over, the treatments are in

RTE 1  (RTE 1)1A(Rte 1)2A(rTMS).1 RTE has a global network of specialist clinics and hospitals which offer specialist medical and psychiatric treatment for acne vulgaris.The site also provides a range of topical and oral preparations for the skin.1  The company says the product can be used on everywhere from dry, itchy skin, pimples and eczema, to dry, acne […]

What you need to know about acne medication for acne

I am not a doctor, but I am a clinical assistant.I work in the field of dermatology and I know that acne is a major cause of dermatological problems.The most common skin diseases include acne, psoriasis, eczema, psoriatic arthritis, and psorocytic uveitis.While I do not think it is a stretch to say that acne, a […]


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