How to Avoid Acne from Neonatal Skin Treatment

What are the symptoms of neonatal acne?What is neonatal skin treatment?What are some of the possible side effects?What can you do to reduce the chances of developing neonatal inflammatory acne? These questions are answered in this article by dermatologist and Neonatal Skin Solutions founder Ruthie Fuchs. “Neonatex is the term that has been used to describe this condition, although it […]

Neonatal acne causes bandages to be used in cystic acne

The growing popularity of bandages for cystic skin conditions has led to them being used as treatment for some types of acne.A report by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the use of bandaging in cysts found that in 2012, the average use of an oral antibiotic was 3.6 million treatments.However, […]

Why do babies get acne in the first place?

By now, you know that the majority of people with acne will have at least one blemish on their face.But for some, it can take up to three months to find out if the condition is caused by their acne or by other factors.That’s because the skin doesn’t develop normally, and it can become inflamed […]

What do you know about newborn acne?

The skin condition that can affect a newborn baby is called neonatal acne scarring, or keratoconjunctivitis, according to the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) Neonatal Skin Disorder Society.The condition is often accompanied by scarring and itching on the newborn’s face and neck.It is not a skin disease, which means it can’t be treated with […]

Which neonatal herpes strains are most prevalent?

Neonatal herpes is a virus that can cause life-threatening infections.The most common neonatal HSV type is HSV-2, which causes moderate to severe skin lesions.HSV3 causes serious outbreaks of skin lesions and death, including in babies.HSF is the most common HSV strain in newborns.The new study found that neonatal neonates who were infected with neonatal and […]

How to deal with acne and neonatal acne

Here’s how you can cope with neonatal inflammation, which is what happens when an infant’s immune system is destroyed.


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