Why do you have acne scars on your forehead?

It’s a common question that has been raised on Reddit and Twitter recently.The subreddit /r/acne and the online community AcneFaces are both dedicated to asking people with acne-related questions, such as:Why do you find that you have pimples on your head, chin, forehead, or chin hair?Are you affected by acne on your scalp?Are there any […]

When I’m feeling the best, I always use my hair for a facial treatment

Posted by HackHacker on January 14, 2019 03:27:23A lot of people have asked me about using my hair to treat acne.The best answer I’ve seen is to use it to cover up cystic acne.In my experience, it’s very helpful to remove dead skin cells.When you get cystic, your hair becomes very dry and thick.You also […]


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