Top acne triggers, retinoids and skin health

Top acne trigger: benzoyl peroxide.Benzoylperoxide, commonly known as Benz-40, is one of the most powerful acne triggers known to man, and it can be found in nearly every brand of acne cream.It can be purchased at drugstores and specialty pharmacies, and its effects can range from mild to severe.It is also often found in skin […]

Why You Shouldn’t Be Taking Retinoids for Acne

People who have skin allergies to retinoids should consider using a different type of retinoid to treat acne.The retinol retinoate and retinyl salicylate retinoic acid both have similar effects, but unlike retinacol and retinyl palmitate, retinols can be used safely in the skin.When people use these retinocarbons in combination with retin-A and retino-p-retinoic acids, the […]

How to use retinoids for acne

Posted November 07, 2018 05:23:00 A new type of prescription drug, retinoid, is available for acne.According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it can help treat the inflammation associated with acne.The first step is to get your dermatologist to write down the treatment regimen you need.Then, ask your dermatologists if they can prescribe the retinogen […]


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